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Techzim has changed its business model. Here’s a post by William Chui, explaining the change:

Over the years we have become known as a ‘technology’ blog. Anything and everything tech was hopefully covered by us, where we’d do what we termed ‘connecting the dots’.

In publishing, you have either of two customers, the reader or the advertiser. The age old adage of “you can’t serve two masters” held true a number of times when brands who advertised with us would contact us to change negative content in an article we’d have written about them. Knowing who we are, we’d turn them away, but this made for a difficult discussion when we’d go see the exact same person for an advertising booking (if we made it past the door).

The idea was to write content for a reader who was in a strategic position at their organisation and was needing to make tactical decisions. We envisioned that this reader would value deep analysis to the extent that we started what we termed ‘Beneath The Surface‘ content. Writing for our readers at a strategic level was something we thought would be so valuable that readers would pay for it through subscriptions to our blog.

We recently trialed subscriptions and after having a whole three people subscribe (yes, one, two, three)Limbikani and myself included, the conclusion was that either our content was not valued enough (which was strange, especially when we’d get over 120,000 visits in a month) or that Zimbabwean’s just don’t pay for stuff online.

The exact reason is neither here nor there for us as we’ve opted to rather focus on the advertiser.

What Changes Are Going To Take Place?

Firstly, we’ll be changing our name. Yes, we’ve been known as both Technology Zimbabwe as well as TechZim. The former limits us to technology as well as to covering Zimbabwe, while the latter was just an abbreviation of the full name.

From today, we’ll be called Techzim (no link to technology or to Zimbabwe) and we’ll be re-branding as well.

Essentially the cosmetics are what will be revisited as we reach out to our new target audience.

What does this mean to you the reader?

Nothing drastic for the next few days.

However, if you’ve hung around here a bit before, you’ll start seeing more business-like content. We’ll be posting more of short updates and less longer-form analyses.

Our target audience will be those that are at a basic understanding of both technology and business and we’ll be breaking down any updates to what it means for an ordinary individual on the streets.

We have a rough idea of where we are going and one thing we’ll be looking closely to is the data. What will bring us the highest growth in both traffic and revenue.

Here’s hoping we can build the biggest business and technology knowledge resource in Zimbabwe (and maybe Africa).